Summer Burrata

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I am intrigued by delicious recipes with limited and healthy ingredients. This is a go to recipe in the Summer during those extra hot days. This dish combines the cool and creamy sensations of burrata and English cucumbers. Then you have the layered addition of the salty prosciutto and the fruity, earthy extra virgin olive oil.

I’m always surprised when my friends hadn’t experienced the luxurious taste of burrata. It is a cousin to mozzarella but better.

1 package of burrata
1 English cucumber
1 package of prosciutto
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt

Start with placing the Italian prosciutto layers on your plate. Prosciutto is not hard to find, most likely in your cured meat section. If you are fortunate to be close to a place that has fresh prosciutto sliced for you – definitely go that route! Then layer on the split burrata so the creamy center is released. You can typically find burrata in your local grocery store in the refrigerated cheese section. Using an English cucumber versus a regular cucumber is important. The English one tastes sweeter and somehow more refreshing as well. Ensure it is firm and leave the peel on. Slice in thinner slices if you typically don’t like the peel. Place the slices throughout the dish and mostly within the burrata creamy goodness. Now take your favorite extra virgin olive oil and pour over all of it based on your amount preference. I have a few bottles of olive oils. If you are an olive oil lover like me, reach for your premium one. The Lucini premium olive oils are a good choice.

Last but certainly not least, sprinkle on sea salt – Fleur de Sel French sea salt is the optimal choice here.

You can enjoy this as a singular meal or serve as an appetizer with some crostinis or crackers. I’d pair with a nice rose or dry white wine. (I’ll provide links for wine suggestions later)

Take a bite – savor the melange of these wondrous flavors together.

What do you think? Share your thoughts.

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