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I ran across a new word today – “tripophobia – the fear of not having a trip planned”. That is me.

Oh the joys of travel – you can go even close to your home and get lost in the magicalness of it. Oh how travel can invoke childhood memories, you experience amazing views or vistas that you couldn’t even imagine or meet a unique person or culture that nudges your thoughts towards specialness. The World is truly spectacular in Culture + Nature.

Simplicity at Flathead Lake, Montana

Last summer I rented a house on the lake with a friend. About three months earlier, we both were craving waking up to the calm, peacefulness of a lake and enjoying a steaming cup of coffee. She had vacationed there previously so we manically searched for a place as most were already booked. Shockingly, we found the perfect place.

I want to share our routine. Yes, our routine.

-Wake up early and drink our steaming cups of coffee on the deck staring at the lake.
-Sunrise yoga on the deck with the morning light basking our faces.
-Healthy breakfast of arugula, eggs and olive oil.
-Staring at the lake, listening to the sounds and observing the nature around us all morning.
-Refreshing swim in the lake.
-Delicious salad for lunch.
-Sitting on the log and picking out rocks and making kairns for hours.
-Watching the sunset over the lake with a nice glass of wine.
-Grilled vegetables for dinner.

We did that every. single. day.

feet in water flathead lake travel

We didn’t intend to but it just happened. But you know what, it was so joyful. It was so simple and so nourishing for the soul. It was as if we immersed ourselves in a dream state. It felt like bliss.

travel tripophobia

Does this type of experience appeal to you?

Ponder this. Pick a beautiful vacation spot then strip away all the “I must stay busy, the have tos, we need to try all the local breweries/restaurants, we must experience absolutely all the location has to offer.”

Design your own soul nourishing simple routine vacation and experience your own version of simple joy + bliss.

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