About Simple + Beautiful

Well, hello there. I’m Melanie. Welcome to Simple + Beautiful.

About five years ago, I was listening to a speaker talking to a group of business executives. We had different speakers monthly. Most times, the words of our monthly speaker were in one ear and out the other, as “Come on, we are busy people with emails waiting.” This one particular speaker — at some point – stated a phrase.

“Simple + Beautiful”

Bam! Wow! Something changed in that moment. A calling to my soul. This resonated. I heard him.

I started using “Simple + Beautiful” as a subtle lens of my life perspective.

Then after my journey with an ultra rare, incurable cancer, it had become my true, guiding light.

My interpretation of Simple + Beautiful may be different than yours. For me, I practice minimalism, I strive to live a life for longevity, I savor amazing travel and food experiences, I live below my means. I spend hours in a pondering, aware, observation state, I notice the small, joyful moments and lastly, I love my family and friends unconditionally.

This is my journey to live simply and beautifully in all aspects of my life. It is not perfect. As there is beauty even in imperfection. I like to think of it as an adventure to become full and dizzy from LIFE through many small Simple + Beautiful moments and actions.

Come join me. Walk with me.


about simple + beautiful
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